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    Home caregiver for elderly training

  • Bykrisztina.bedo
    Aug 10, 2016

    Course structure: 360 hours - 120 hours theory + 240 hours of practice

    Key skills and competencies, which can be acquired during the training:

    • Effective communication with patients and with their family members
    • Collaboration and effective communication with colleagues, with the nursing team
    • Helping the patient to perform everyday tasks with the maximum possible preservation of his/her autonomy
    • Measuring and monitoring of vital functions
    • First aid knowledge
    • Moving techniques, applying kinaesthetics approaches
    • Applying hospice approach, supporting the patient and his/her family members to prepare for death


    Who can benefit?
    Anyone who feels a vocation for the profession of caregiver, and who has in the family elderly or sick persons.

    Requirement for registration: 8 class.