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    Programs for children and young people

  • In this program we are dealing with small children and youngsters living in familial environment or in its absence. The aim of our Day Care Centers is developing basic skills such as social skills, speaking, listening, sense of rhythm etc. Compared to this, children's homes exist to provide a family environment for disadvantaged children and young people, providing counselling and guidance, expanding educational skills.

    The aim of the center is to counsel for independent living for those children and youth that leave the child protection institutes.

    The aim of the center is to enlarge the general knowledge of the children, to make school attendance a regularity, to prevent the weakening of children-parent relationship, the development of the children’s social abilities and education for an independent life.

    The family center is a residential type of housing, its goal is not just to provide care for children, but also to educate and socialize them. The direct beneficiaries of the center are children and young adults who come from families with difficulties. These families do not succeed to assure these children a proper environment for their normal growth and development. The fact that these children live in this center helps their families financially and assume some of their responsibilities. It also prepares children and families to reintegrate socially and as a family.

    The centre was opened to help develop and educate children from an early age (0-3 years). It also aims to prevent child neglect, to reduce the isolation of families, to offer a parenting. Children coming from a disadvantaged social background come to the centers together with those who were prematurely born, or children who have problems with their social integration.