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    Programs for people with disabilities

  • Support group for people with disabilities and their families

    Parents can ask help for their everyday problems from specialists: doctors, lawyers, priests.

    Chance ball

    The Chance program since 2006 organizes The Chance Ball every year in Gheorgheni with the purpose of thanking the help our supporters offered us for maintaining the program. Our aim is also to draw attention that every little help and support can mean a lot for the needy children.

    Awareness-raising and Open Days



    The presence of a disabled person in the family needs a complete change in everyone’s life. The normal family pattern falls over, a family member should look after the person 24/7. But this way it will be more difficult to perform everyday tasks.  The aim of Caritas Alba Iulia’s Program for Disabled People is to help parents with a partial supervision of these disabled people, who in the meantime can also enriched with positive experiences during colorful activities, events, concerts, camps, handicrafts, cooking, gymnastics and other activities that make their life more complete.

    The goal of this program is to give opportunities to children, young people with locomotor disorders and nervous system injuries, to help the early development of such people with the help of special kinetotherapy. The lack of this development can cause multiple deficiencies, among them low work capacity and abilities.

    The daycare center was founded in 2008 in Miercurea Ciuc for disabled persons to have the possibility for daycare, special treatment and special development.