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    Programs for roma integration

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    The roma community is a disadvantaged group from many points of view. They are labeled by the society, and the negative attitude towarsd them is present in schools, workplaces and even in the public administration.



    Our goal is to help the social integration of Roma people, aged 16 or older, and other disadvantaged people by supporting their participation in the labor market.

    • information about professional integration and reintegration, orientation and counseling for people seeking work;
    • psycho-social support for job-seekers (individually or in group)
    • community social work.


    The goal of the centre is to offer a possibility to learn those skills that can help Roma young people in an independent and balanced life. Among our goals there are the following: developing self-consciousness, developing the capacities that help an autonomous lifestyle, skills to relate and communicate, encouragement of an engagement in a job, return to the educational system in order to be able to get a job.


    Our aim is to support the Neri Szent Fulop General School with the involvement of Roma students in school activities in order to prevent or at least reduce school abandonment.